Being an escort in Mayfair

If you go mass market you will be contesting facing great numbers of wonderful eastern European females who nest six to a bedroom in order that they can send off as much cash home as practical. They are also totally happy to travel any place in London at no notice at any time of the day or night and supply an hour of vigorous fucking of any variety you can envision for one hundred pounds an hour.

Assuming that you want to be a high-end London hooker, you will be contesting with girls who have figures of Sports Illustrated or Vogue models (or who may well perhaps even be Sports Illustrated or Vogue models!). You will also be putting yourself up against women who are fluent in a wide range of languages (including the language of love!) and who own MBAs or PhDs. Frequently you will see all of these in the form of one frustrating delightful, pleasant and charming sex bomb.

Which leaves the mid market. That teems with females, including mature escorts, charging just about two hundred and fifty pounds an hour, which is great, but much of their business is incalls which suggests that you need to have a location to operate from, that ought to be rented and which is taken out of your expenses. Does it genuinely it need saying that working from home is a really, really, really dangerous tactic?

Your foremost strength, if it relates to you, is that you can say you are English. So few ladies in the mid market in London are English that it turns into a huge sale point!

But I was also mentioning that starting work as a London call-girl will entail you to take a good long tough look at the facts of what working in the business means. So if I am not referring to matters regarding permissibility, sex health etc, what am I referring to? Well the telltale is in my specifying of the word "business". Supplying sexual practice is a sales operation. It is a profession like any other. In actual fact the cliché includes it being one of the couple of oldest trades. The other being actually warrior.

And also last but not least, you need to puzzle out efficient ways to manage your books and control your business banking. The last thing you would like to do is hide your income to the Inland Revenue. By doing this you are sure to get screwed. And not actually in the good or profitable manner!

Anybody getting into any other variety of venture would do a little bit of groundwork and market assessing before anything else, but people just launch themselves into the sex industry on the premise that since "sex definitely sells" they will be guaranteed to be able to easily sell their junk and make a significant lump of cash money immediately. This even applies to MILF escorts who think it is easy. Imagine presuming similarly about creating a club, cafe, outlet or anything else and you can notice how crazy it could be. Fellas might always want sex. However, why will these guys buy it from you as opposed to another person? Men also may need food, but I am unsure I would choose to launch opposed to Tesco or Sainsburys!

When I recently posted, I described that being a high-class Mayfair escort or just about anywhere else in London is entirely lawful as long as there is no human trafficking or compulsion committed, one woman is working from the specific location, there is no propositioning or advertising in telephone boxes, and that no other laws are being broken. (Sale of drugs, creature cruelty, under age coition, taxes being evaded ...).

So do your homework, stop to consider it through, and good luck!


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