How to be an escort in Mayfair

If you wish to be a high class escort in London, you will be contesting with young ladies who have physiques of Sports Illustrated or Vogue models (or who might maybe even be Sports Illustrated or Vogue models!). You will also be against girls who are well-versed in multiple languages (alongside the language of love!) and who have earned PhDs or MBA. Regularly you will discover all of these in one annoying pleasant, refreshing and charming babe.

When I recently wrote, I spelled out that being a Mayfair escort or anywhere else in London is altogether lawful so long as there is no human trafficking or duress committed, a single lady is performing from the place, there is no soliciting or promoting in phone boxes, and that no extra statutes are being broken. (Sale of narcotics, animal persecution, under age sexuality, not paying tax ...).

Anyone going into any other form of venture would do a little bit of study and market testing first off, but people just introduce themselves into the sex industry on the expectation that since "sex constantly sells"; that even in a niche such as MILF escorts they will be guaranteed to be able to sell their services and make a significant amount of income swiftly. Imagine thinking similarly about creating a tavern, eatery, store or something else and you can spot how half-witted it would be. Gentlemen might always be in need of sex. However why will these individuals get it from you instead of someone else? Men also want food, but I am not exactly sure I would choose to go up opposed to Tesco or Sainsburys!

If you go mass market you will be battling against great numbers of magnificent eastern European young ladies who nest six to a room to make sure that they can send as much money home as achievable. They are also perfectly happy to make a journey virtually any place in London at no notice any time of the day or night and offer an hour of brisk fucking of any type you can picture for 100 pounds an hour.

Which in turn leaves the mid market. Which has lots of girls charging just about 250 pounds an hour, for young escorts or mature escorts alike, and that is cool, but the majority of their business is incalls which means that you require a venue to operate from, and that ought to be rented and that is paid out of your expenses. Does it genuinely it need saying that performing from residence is a really, really, really terrible idea?

But I was similarly explaining that being a London working girl will require you to take a good drawn out tough view at the facts of what being in market means. So if I am not meaning issues regarding lawfulness, sexually transmitted diseases etc, what am I referring to? Well the tip is in my specifying of the word "business". Promoting sex activity is a sales concern. It is a job like every other. Of course the cliché includes it as being one of the two oldest professions. The other being actually fighter.

And lastly, you should puzzle out how you can maintain your ledgers and control your bank. The last thing you would like to do is make a mistake showing your income level to the Inland Revenue. That way you are definitely going to get screwed. And definitely not in the excellent or rewarding manner!

Your ultimate edge, if it relates to you, is that you are British. So few women in the mid market in London are British that it eventually becomes a major sales feature!

So do your research, reason it through, and good fortune!


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