How to be a courtesan in Mayfair

In case you wish to be a elite Mayfair courtesan, you will be also competing with girls who have figures of Sports Illustrated or Vogue models (or who could maybe even be Sports Illustrated or Vogue models!). You will also be putting yourself up against people who are well-versed in plenty of foreign languages (along with the language of love!) and who own Doctorates or an MBA. Quite often you will come across all of the above in the form of one annoying delightful, refreshing and welcoming individual.

Any individual setting foot into any other kind of business would do a little bit of analysis and marketplace assessing first and foremost, but people just propel themselves into the sex business on the assumption that since "sex constantly sells" they will be bound to be able to market their wares and make a huge wad of cash immediately. Whether they are a young student or a mature escort. Imagine imagining the same way about opening a pub, eatery, outlet or nearly anything else and you can spot how foolish it may be. Men might always really need sex. But why will they get it from you rather than other people? Men also require food, but I am not exactly sure I would desire to set up opposing Tesco or Sainsburys!

And that leaves the mid market. Which teems with women asking for around two hundred and fifty pounds an hour, and that is nifty, but much of their business is in-calls which involves that you need a location to do the job from, and that has to be rented and that has to be paid out of your charges. Does it really it need saying that performing from residence is a really, really, really bad plan?

Also last but not least, you have to figure out exactly how to maintain your books and cope with your business banking. The last thing you need to do is make a mistake showing your income level to the Inland Revenue. That way you are certain to get screwed. And certainly not in the great or valuable style!

But I was also saying that working as a London working girl will oblige you to really take a good long very hard look at the truths of what being in market means. Not matter whether you are young and naive or an experienced MILF.So if I am not referring to challenges regarding legitimacy, infections etc, what am I referring to? Well the tip is in my specifying of the word "business". Marketing sexual practice is a sales concern. It is a field like every other. Sure enough the cliché has it as being one of the two oldest occupations. (By the way, soldier is the other of the two).

When I previously wrote, I described that being a high class escort in Mayfair or anyplace else in London is completely legitimate just as long as there is no people trafficking or duress committed, a single woman is getting the job done from the location, there is no soliciting or publicising in phone boxes, and also there are no other regulations are being broken. (Sale of narcotics, animal torture, under age sex, not paying taxes ...).

If you go mass market you will be contesting in opposition to thousands of gorgeous eastern European females who hole up six to a bedroom to make sure that they can send off as much cash home as attainable. They are also perfectly happy to journey anyplace in London at no notice at any time of the day or night and deliver an hour of healthy shagging of any style you can imagine for 100 pounds an hour.

Your biggest strength, if it applies to you, is being British. So few hunnies in the mid market in London are British that it eventually becomes a huge advertising and marketing trait!

So do your analysis, reason it through, and good luck!


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