Marbella Getting High Class?

Wherever you explore around Marbella and the wider Costa del Sol, it is clear that there are a growing number of tourists from The United States and Canada and the far east. They are now creating the investment and real estate development boom in a similar manner that Arab and pharmaceutically-enhanced laundering cash performed in the eighties. Their coming is motivating the local business community to adapt to meet their many different requirements.

Marbella and the Costa Del Sol will continue to change. I hope it will be in a positive way. It has looked to be in the past, notwithstanding the unexpected major misstep on the adventure.

Travelers from the United States would be very unhappy with the bad "steak" that many restaurants provide. And this in a region well-known for its male cows! As a result lower quality restaurants are increasingly developing into specialists or are elevating their standards to those of the absolute best restaurants in the local area such as the high end steak restaurants in Puerto Banus.

Likewise, the outdated mobster laden Sleek nightspot has been superseded by the mobster laden Cavalli Club. It needs to be said, just as a point of interest, that the Olivia Valere disco just persevers on with its own approach in its own way as it has done for ages.

As a tourist and occasional denizen of Marbella over the past number of years, it has been exciting to observe the tone of the place change throughout the years. From the original summit of the nineteen eighties "Costa Del Crime" expansion, when thugs poured into Marbella with their gangs to delight in the difficult or non existent extradition agreements, to today's world-wide glitterati scene, Marbella and its nearby regions such as Nueva Andalucia, Puerto Banus, Riviera, and Sotogrande has transformed at a an astounding rate while still staying unchanged at its centre.

sexy marbella babe in surfThere is most certainly a body of hoodlums (both organised and astoundingly unorganised!) that is really noticeable and appears to be unimpressed by the supposed rise in world-wide police cooperation. However there is also a growing truly upmarket sector to the area, that is now substantial.

Marbella and environs nowadays is an unique mix of the seedy and the elegant. However I guess for lots of people, the seedy sphere of recreational pharmaceuticals and hoods is viewed as glamorous so there is probably some cross over between them.

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