Fancy Being A London Call Girl?

When I previously blogged, I described that being an escort in Mayfair or virtually any place else in London is entirely legitimate so long as there is no people slaving or coercion associated, one lady is getting the job done from the venue, there is no propositioning or promoting in call boxes, that there are not extra regulations are being broken. (Sale of narcotics, animal torture, under age sexual activity, taxes being evaded ...).

If you desire to be a high class London escort, you will be vying with lovely ladies who have figures of Cosmo or couture runway models (or who might just in fact be from the pages of Cosmopolitan or Elle!). You will also be up against females who are fluent in a number of languages (in addition to the language of love!) and who own an MBA or Doctorates. Quite often you will come across all of these in one infuriating pleasant, refreshing and warm and friendly babe.

But I was also stating that working as a London call girl will oblige you to take a good long tough view at the facts of what finding yourself in market means. So if I am not referring to concerns around lawfulness, infections etc, what am I taking about? Well the tip-off is in my specifying of the word "business". Offering sexual practice is a sales operation. It is a profession like most others. Obviously the old saying maintains it as one of the couple of oldest trades. The other actually being knight.

Which in turn leaves the mid market. And that teems with ladies charging about 250 pounds an hour, which is cool, but the majority of their business is in calls which suggests that you need to have a location to operate from, which should be rented and which in turn must be `paid out of your charges. Does it actually it need saying that doing business from home or apartment is a really, really, really terrible strategy?

Anybody at all going into any other sort of market would do a little analysis and market place checking first, but people just propel themselves into the sex sector on the belief that since "sex permanently sells" they will be bound to be able to supply their services and make a big lump of income fast. Imagine assuming the same way about starting a bar, restaurant, outlet or just about anything else and you can appreciate how absurd it might be. Fellas might always need to have sex. However, why will they buy it from you as opposed to somebody else? Men also need to have food, but I am uncertain I would like to set up opposed to Tesco or Sainsburys!

Your finest positive aspect, if it goes for to you, especially as a high class escort, is actually being British. So few hunnies in the mid market or MILF escort business in London are British that it ends up being a significant advertising and marketing attribute!

And also lastly, you ought to figure out the best ways to maintain your ledgers and administer your business accounting and record keeping. The last thing you want to do is under declare your money to the Inland Revenue. Like that you are sure to get massively fucked. And not really in the great or profitable meaning of the phrase!

If you go mainstream you will be fighting against countless amazing eastern European girls who stay six to a room in order that they can send off as much hard earned money home as practical. They are also fully happy to make a journey virtually any place in London at no notice at any moment of the day or night and provide an hour of brisk bonking of any type you can think of for one hundred pounds an hour.

So do your groundwork, reason it through, and good luck!


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