Marbella Moving Up-Market

People from the United States would be very bummed out with the low quality "steak" that a lot of restaurants offer in Marbella. And this in a region widely known for the cattle! Consequently lower end restaurants are increasingly turning into specialists or are raising their standards to those of the absolute best restaurants in the region. And that is just a simple example of how Marbella is moving (or being dragged) up market).

As a vacationer and occasional native of Marbella over the past couple of decades, it has been fascinating to observe the atmosphere of the region change over times. From the original height of the 80s "Costa Del Crime" upsurge, when criminals flocked to the Costa Del Sol with their molls and retinues to take pleasure in the questionable or non existing extradition agreements, to today's global jet-setter spectacle, Marbella and its nearby places which include Nueva Andalucia, Riviera, Puerto Banus and Sotogrande has altered at a an astounding speed while nevertheless staying unchanged at its centre.

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There is most definitely a contingent of international gangsters (both the organised as well as the unexpectedly disorganised!) which is really obvious and might seem to be unimpressed by the supposed improvement in europe-wide police cooperation. Yet there is also a growing genuinely high class market to the area, which is now significant.

Marbella and place today is an exciting mix of the squalid and the flashy. Though I suspect for lots of folks, the seedy sphere of pharmaceuticals and hoods in seen as glamorous so there is possibly some overlap between them.

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Any place you pay a visit to on the Costa del Sol, it is clear that there are an escalating variety of travelers from The United States and the far east. They are now powering the investing and property development boom in a similar manner that Arab and drug laundering funds performed in the 1980s. Their appearance is propelling the local business community to adjust to meet their various demands.

Likewise, the outdated criminal laden Sleek disco has been displaced by the mobster laden Cavalli Club. It should be said, as an aside, that the Olivia Valere club just carries along in its own furrow, doing its own thing as it has done for ages.

Marbella and the Costa Del Sol continues to adapt. I hope it will be in the right way. It has looked to be in the past, notwithstanding the unexpected major misstep on the trip.


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