Is Seeing Escorts Addictive?

I get the weirdest question from people all the time. Some of them – I promise you – you could not begin to imagine. Think of the strangest, most unusual, weirdest or most perverse question you could think of asking someone involved in the sex business. Now, whatever you have come up with, no matter how embarrassed you might be of thinking of it, I promise you someone has asked me it before. Probably more than once. It reminds me of a really funny scene from Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, where Billy Piper is in the back seat of a taxi answering a call from a client for the Agency and she says “yes, she does that. Yes, she does that. Yes, she will do that. No, no-one does that!”But this week, I got a question that rocked me back on my heels and set me to thinking. Is seeing escorts addictive? Wow.

escort wearing black panties and white crop top lying on bed
My first reaction was to laugh. But then I thought about it seriously. Michael Douglas apparently went to have treatment for sex addiction and there seems to be a thriving industry treating people for that “problem”. But while I can see that people might get a real buzz from the orgasms (obviously) and from the attention involved in getting the sex, I am a bit more cynical. I suspect treatment for sex addiction is a good way for guilty spouses (of both sexes) who have been caught cheating to avoid costly divorce settlements. Hey, the fact that it is cynical does not mean I am wrong! And I can certainly see that the illicit nature of sneaking off to spend time with an escort in Barcelona can be very exciting. But no matter how good the sex or how forbidden or depraved the situation or sexual activity, is it addictive? Well I do not really think so, at least not in the sense of addiction that hooks someone physiologically as well as psychologically.

Alcohol, heroin, prescription opiates, cocaine; they are addictive. An addict literally can not function without a supply of their substance. There is a huge difference between feeling like your flesh is peeling off and feeling really horny all the time. Can escorts be incredibly appealing and get into a guys head and loins? Definitely. But addictive? Only in the sense that chocolate or really good espresso are!


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