Why Do Models Become Escorts?

The question of why escorts become models occurred to me, oddly enough, after going to the cinema and watching “Molly's Game”, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin and starring Jessica Chastain and Molly Bloom and Idris Elba. There is one scene in it where Molly (Chastain giving a hell of a performance) is recruiting her promotional girls and cocktail waitresses for her poker game in New York. All four of them are ex Playboy models, but all four of them are something else – one is a computer expert, one has the phone numbers for half of the Saudi Royal family, and so on. In the film none of them are escorts, they just use their looks and their previous careers and portfolio to charm men. Especially rich and wealthy ones.

What does that have to do with models becoming escorts? Pretty much everything when you think about it. Why do women become models? Because they can make more money and have a better lifestyle by using their looks and bodies than they can through other means. No matter how big their. A woman with a degree in engineering is still going to have a hard time making the kind of money a successful model can. If a woman becomes a top model she will be propositioned all the time. For huge amounts of money. If a woman becomes a less successful model she will be propositioned all the time. For less money, but still. In both circumstances hey are being asked to have sex with men for money. And if the bookings start to decline, or the daily rates start to drop for her photo shoots, what is she to do to maintain her income and lifestyle? Especially if, like most people – of both sexes – in their twenties she has not been putting a lot of money aside for the future? Well, there were all those propositions that she used to get. And she has been selling her body in one way, so just how much of a line is it to become a high class escort?

And once the line has been crossed once, probably with an old modelling client, or an admirer who has hit on her before, then the next step, to having two careers, to being an ex model and a full time escort is very small. Ultimately, why do models become escorts? Because they can.  


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