Here is the thing. I am a Pimp. And my business partner is a Madam and a former Dominatrix. We run escort agencies all over Europe. And none of that makes us bad people. Or even the people you think. So suspend whatever moral or ethical judgments you might be thinking of passing and listen up. If you have no interest in reality then I suggest that you click off this blog post right now. Because what I am going to tell you is not what you expect. Expectations will get you nowhere unless you are willing to challenge them from time to time. You will just get stuck in a way of thinking and reinforce your own prejudices. And you do not need me for that.
selfie of escort girl wearing white bikini

The sex industry is not what people think either. The modern sex industry is as close to the world shown in The Deuce as Bill Gates is to people in caves banging the rocks together. The provision of sex for money is as old as human beings. Hell, for all I know it might pre-date human beings. Certainly female chimpanzees are perfectly happy to swap chimp sex for food. So, when I say that we run the largest and best escort agency in Marbella that does not mean what you think it does. We do not have a posse of girls hanging out on street corners in fuck me heels and little else. We do not have muscle that mugs customers and steal their belongings. And we sure as all hell do not get involved in drugs.

Nope, what we do has more to do with any other consumer based international business. We have to work out what customers want, supply it, manage suppliers and clients, take care of staff and sub contractors. But mainly we have to market, advertise, promote and sell. Being a Pimp or a Madam in today's industry has bugger all to do with street girls if you actually want to make money. It has more to do with being a sensible common or garden business person. The most important tool in the box is the web site. Have a good enough web site and you will get the customers. Likewise, get a web site that is good enough and you will attract the girls, without whom you are screwed. Well, you know what I mean.


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