Protect Yourself From The Sun

The sun in Summer gives us long days of fun at the beach and makes our skin more attractive with a bit more colour. However, its rays can also be harmful to us if we are not careful. The risk of developing health complications is down to overexposure to ultraviolet radiation is becoming a major public health issue. It was not for nothing that Oakley sunglasses used to advertise their eye wear with the slogan “defence against thermonuclear radiation”. So here are some tips.

Avoid the sun at noon - In the central hours of the day solar radiation is much stronger, so it is important to avoid exposure at these times. Not a problem for most escorts in Marbella as they are asleep until the late afternoon!

Choose an appropriate photo protector - Sun cream is one of the main and most effective barriers that we can use to avoid and mitigate the effects of the sun. That is why it is so important to choose a product suitable for our skin type taking into account the intensity of the UVA rays in our location. It is recommended that we always use SPF factor 30 or higher and that the cream protects against ultraviolet rays type A and B.

Apply sunscreen the right way - In this case, it is not important whether you waste a little. As it is always better to use too much than too little. In fact, it is estimated that an adult should use about thirty five grams of cream in each application. It is important that the skin is well covered at all times.

Protect every part of your body - The face, lips, eyes and scalp are also susceptible to burning or suffering the effects of the sun. Our advice is to use a specific facial protector, a lip balm with sun blocking properties, sunglasses and a hat.

Apply the cream in advance - In order for the cream to be effective and penetrate the skin, it is important to apply the cream twenty or thirty minutes before sunbathing.

Repeat applications - You must reapply the sunscreen every two or three hours and after every time you get in the water.

Use clothing as protection - There is no better barrier than the physical one, and clothing fulfils that function. Depending on the material it will be more or less resistant. However, there are t-shirts and pants on the market that protect against UV rays. Check them out!

Drink a lot of water!


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